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Khadija Romney

I have the BluePrint You Need

  I taught for 7 years, during my last year of teaching God started to download ideas and innovate tools in me. He starts to giving me the gift of Wisdom to teach and develop resources that cater more to the development of adults in the business industry. During the entire year of 2018, it was a huge struggle in finding stable childcare for my son, as a single mom this was difficult for me.


   My mom's health wasn't in a good space and I need to secure an affordable, safe, and clean childcare for my son. I prayed and prayed, no breakthroughs. The time came to have to tell my principal I couldn't come back to work. I was devasted, depressed, and a little confused about which direction to go. Soon after the Holy Spirit reminded me everything I need was inside of me. Soon After Planning a Better You was created, which is now The BluePrint Branding Agency. I started teaching sole proprietors soft skills and developmental tools and strategies, soon after corporations started calling me to train and develop their staff.

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