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-logo text based logo

-website front & back end

(for scheduling appointments & whatever else you need on it. Up to 4 pages)

-6 social media templates: for marketing

-6 content creation graphics only

-3 video content creation

-3 video templates: for marketing

-Digital Letterhead

-Product or Service Highlight e-Flyer: for marketing

-Customized plastic bags (for vendor events or store)

-Professional Branded Photoshoot

-Professional Video Commercial

-Professional Make up

-High Grade Wig + Install (Lizzy's Beauty Barr)

-1 retractable banners design + print

-2 e-flyers design +(2 of them printed) print 500qty 4x6 size: for marketing

-Thank You Cards design + 500 Print

-business cards. Design + 500 qty print

-5 IG highlight covers

-3 embroidery business shirt 👚

-Beginners Class on Business Fundementals, Branding & Marketing (Bonus, Instant Download)

-Coaching in a Box (Bonus) includes: Planner, boss up and pray journal, coaching task cards + blank journal.

The Ultimate Rebranding Package

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Once Package is Paid for you will receive a series of emails requesting information from you. Please respond to the emails in a timely manner. No less than 3 business days. 

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